Installing Mahogany decking gives your home a superb look of which you’ll feel proud. It’s the red color of this wood that makes it so exclusive. As it is procured from many different countries there is a difference of colors, and so is the difference in prices of this decking material used for external applications. American Mahogany decking has a red color and is procured from Mexico, West Indies, South and Central America. It is longer lasting than other verities, coming from elsewhere. However, Mahogany being real natural wood needs maintenance like painting or staining annually.

When you go looking for Mahogany decking, along with its prices you should also enquire about the class of that wood. You should look for American Mahogany because that’s a tough wood, which lacks the tendency of getting split, rot or developing cracks. Though the mahogany exterior decking is better priced than the pressure treated lumber, it pays for itself in the long run, making your investment worthwhile.

To get extended life from mahogany exterior decking you certainly need to paint or stain its external surface. Moreover, for its prolonged life, you should be using nails or screws made from stainless steel for its installation, as the other kind of screw may not be able to penetrate the desired length thru this wood. In case you are not in a position to use a nail gun for installing mahogany exterior decking, you would necessarily be required to pre-drill the holes in its surface for inserting nails. If you haven’t already drilled the holes, even the stainless steel nails will get bent as you try to nail them down thru this decking. This wood is so hard that even the screws would leave an uneven edge.

Though mahogany accepts paints and stains quite well, using a clear sealer is the best way for maintaining its excellent color, as it causes no change in the natural color of the wood, and thus keeps it looking great for long time. Having already paid a better price for mahogany exterior decking, you wouldn’t mind a bit of extra expense to maintain its natural looks. A coat of sealer needs to be applied every year, possibly during spring before you begin to use the deck regularly and before putting the patio furniture out.

For getting mahogany exterior decking at the most competitive prices you need to search on the net. There are many vendors and so the business is very competitive. You need not look for a vendor in your neighborhood, as the dealer will deliver it to your doorstep. And, even if you ordered insufficient quantity, you need not worry, as it’s not at all difficult to get the same color later on.